Which Green Lantern weighs 60 tons and who's got tripod-like feet?

Which Green Lantern weighs 60 tons and who's got...

By DCE Editorial Thursday, June 9th, 2011


REAL NAME: Stel OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Galactic Protector BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 3009 HOMEWORLD: Grenda HEIGHT: 8'6" WEIGHT: 60 tons EYES: None HAIR: None FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern Vol. 2 #11 (March 1962) AKA: Green Lantern BACKGROUND from the comic books: The planet Grenda is one of the most unique phenomenon in Sector 3009 as the world and all of its inhabitants are all robotic in nature. Although its origins are unknown, the will of its people are not. The mechanical denizens of this world are capable of experiencing all the facets of the emotional spectrum. It was Stel's ability to shine brightly with the power of will that made the Guardians of the Universe pick him as the protector of his sector. Stel has had an illustrious career as a Green Lantern. Like Hal Jordan, Stel was originally taught in the use of his ring by Sinestro. Ironically, it has been the battles against their former mentor that has made Stel a close ally of Hal Jordan. He does share the Earthman's zeal for diving into action without consideration of how dangerous the opposition may be. It is because of this that Stel suffers a great amount of damage to his mechanical body while on patrol, and although he cannot be destroyed it does necessitate for Stel to constantly upgrade himself. Currently, he sports a hi-tech armor. Attributes:
  • Reckless for a robot, he computes the odds of success of a mission and tries to beat them.
  • Logical constructs are his specialty, which include reconstructed body parts for himself.
  • Unrelenting, even going off-line for a bit has not stopped this Green Lantern from doing his duty.


REAL NAME: G'Hu OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Prison Guard BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 2937 HOMEWORLD: Unknown HEIGHT: 7' 0" WEIGHT: 260 lbs. EYES: Green HAIR: None FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2, #1 (August, 2006) AKA: Green Lantern BACKGROUND from the comic books: G'Hu served as a guard on the prison planet of Takron-Galtos when he was caught up in an inmate riot and used as a hostage as the prisoners negotiated their release. However, G'Hu turned the tables on his captors, and had them subdued by the time a rescue party arrived. For acts of courage such as this, G'Hu was rewarded with membership in the Green Lantern Corps. He served long and honorably before perishing when the being known as Parallax destroyed the planet Tamaran, managing to send a warning to the Green Lantern Corps prior to his demise. G'Hu is humanoid, with lean arms and legs. He has tripod-like feet, and his head is capped by a muscular, organic crown that trails down into four prehensile "braid-tails," each of which ends in a sharp, powerful spike. Two other spike-claws extend from his shoulders. ATTRIBUTES:
  • Green Lantern ring allows for a protective shield and energy constructs.
  • Powerful "braid-tails" used for grasping, while spikes at end used for spearing in utility or attack.
  • Sharp, strong talons.
  • Energy constructs frequently resemble items from his prison-guard past: cages, restraints, guard weaponry, etc

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