REAL NAME: Hector Hammond OCCUPATION: Scientist BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 2814 HOMEWORLD: Earth HEIGHT: 5’ 1" WEIGHT: 156 lbs EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern vol. 2 #5 (March/April, 1961) AKA: Hammond BACKGROUND: Growing up, Hector Hammond was always an outcast. Only interested in science, he never competed in sports or played with his peers. Hector preferred the company of a book to that of his friends. Being the son of Senator Robert Hammond, Hector was often brought to Ferris Air to witness the experimental aircrafts Carl Ferris was developing for the government. Even this didn't intrigue him but something else at the airbase did or rather someone else: Carol Ferris. Hector was instantly enamored by her sweet and sassy nature. Unfortunately Carol didn't pay him much attention as she enjoyed spending time with Hal Jordan. After college, Hector was still trapped in the shadow of Hal who was now working alongside Carol. The two were becoming inseparable making Hector extremely irritated. Hector was also jealous of Hal because deep down he knew his father wished he was more like him. Using his connections, Senator Hammond secured Hector a job for a top secret government research facility. Hector couldn't be more thrilled, his father finally appreciated him and he was doing everything he loved. The government quarantined a crash site and recovered the dead body of Green Lantern Abin Sur. Hector was given the opportunity to examine and dissect the alien corpse. During the autopsy, the creature known as Parallax, who was dwelling inside the remains, infected him. Hector's brain slowly began to grow larger as his head swelled to accommodate the size. He could now read people's thoughts, had telekinesis, mind control and a genius level of intelligence but the effects became grotesque. Hector's head was growing so large he required a wheelchair just to support his enormous cranium. With his newfound abilities, Hector seeks to infect Carol so she'll finally appreciate him for his brain and forget the handsome Hal Jordan. ATTRIBUTES:
  • Mind-control, telekinesis, and mind reading.
  • Extraordinary intellect.
  • Limited mobility due to excessively large head.