hal-flying_reisREAL NAME: Hal Jordan OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Galactic Protector/Pilot BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 2814 HOMEWORLD: Earth HEIGHT: 6’ 2” WEIGHT: 186 lbs EYES: Brown HAIR: Brown FIRST APPEARANCE: Showcase vol. 1 #22 (September/October, 1959) AKA: Green Lantern, Highball BACKGROUND from the comic books: Hal Jordan always wanted to be a pilot. He idolized his father, test pilot Martin H. Jordan and dreamed of following in his footsteps. Hal would constantly sneak onto the grounds of Ferris Air base to witness his Dad in action. There he met the most beautiful girl he ever laid his eyes on, Carol Ferris, the daughter of Carl Ferris who owned the airbase. Like Hal, Carol was determined to become a pilot as well. One day while watching one of his father's test flights with her, Hal experienced his greatest fear: the plane malfunctioned exploding and instantly killing his Dad. More determined than ever to become a pilot and honor his late father, Hal enlisted in the Air Force on the day he turned sixteen. Clearly gifted, Hal excelled at flying but his cocky reckless behavior led to his dishonorable discharge. Devastated that he failed his Dad, Hal turned to Carl who hired him as a test pilot. Hal took up the codename Highball quickly becoming their best yet riskiest pilot as he constantly pushed planes beyond their limits, often times destroying expensive aircrafts. With every plane that Hal took down, expert mechanic Tom Kalmaaki was there to build them up again. Thus, he grew to be a close friend and confidant. Upon joining Ferris Air, Hal was reunited with his childhood friend Carol, who has become a skilled test pilot herself. Flying side by side has awakened feelings he never knew he had for her. Though Hal's charm has wooed many women, Carol has denied him, putting her job before a personal relationship. This hasn't deterred him from continuing his pursuit of her affection. Green Lantern Abin Sur crash-landed on earth and in his final moment sent his ring in search of a replacement. Hal was selected as his successor for his incredible willpower and fearlessness thus making him the first Earthling inducted into the Green Lantern Corps. Hal received animosity and ill respect from his alien peers who believe Earth to be a backwater planet. In spite of this, he has shown strong resolve while training under drill sergeant Kilowog. Hal has also been mentored by Abin's friend Sinestro, considered the greatest Green Lantern of all. Sinestro's demeanor irritates Hal creating friction between the two. Hal is quickly growing into his own as a Corpsman. His piloting skills have helped him master ring flight. Hal's ability to overcome fear after having faced his worst combined with his immense willpower and determination have allowed him to create some of the most powerful constructs imaginable. Hal is on his way to becoming one of the top Green Lanterns possibly even surpassing Sinestro one day. ATTRIBUTES:
  • Green Lantern ring allows for a protective shield and energy constructs.
  • Constructs are often airplanes, cars or other vehicles Hal can pilot.
  • Extremely cocky.
  • Expert pilot.