When you rush to Free Comic Book Day, you’ll be picking up a copy of the second chapter in Geoff Johns’ GREEN LANTERN: SECRET ORIGIN. You’ll be super excited to see an exclusive first preview of FLASHPOINT #1. But what will your kids be reading? In addition to the GREEN LANTERN title, we’ll also be releasing a super sampler featuring two all-new, exclusive YOUNG JUSTICE and BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD stories by the regular creators of the monthly series. In YOUNG JUSTICE, Psycho-Pirate will figure out a way to weaken the team by manipulating their emotions and causing them all to doubt their abilities. And since much of FLASHPOINT centers around the world of forensics detective Barry Allen, it is only fitting that BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD zooms in on the friendship he has with Batman, the world’s greatest detective.

Don’t forget to pick up copies of these two titles for yourself and your family on Free Comic Book Day this May 7th.

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