Ongoing JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA artist Brett Booth’s distinctive drawing style allows for some of the most exciting and eye popping work currently out there. One of my favorite things about Brett’s work is his ability to capture the subtlety of facial expressions so vividly that sometimes it’s easy to forget that you’re not looking at photos. For instance, on page 3 of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #56, the last panel is a close-up of Batman’s face as he feels like he let Supergirl down. It is no easy feat to zoom in on the sorrow and disappointment in a face covered by a mask, yet Brett’s illustration showcases Batman’s devastation and vulnerability without question. From the tilted head to the cracked frown, Batman is undoubtedly in pain. And furthermore, his art supporting the Rise of Eclipso proved that not only can Brett give attention to subtle detail, but that he knows how to tackle events and characters of epic proportions. It’s not just with JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA that Brett excels. Just take a look at his thought provoking cover to the upcoming FLASHPOINT title, THE WORLD OF FLASHPOINT #2. Pretty cool stuff, right? Working with him has been nothing short of a pleasure, and I look forward to all the art that’s yet to come. JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #56 lands in stores today.