xom_cv5-copyThe cover for July's XOMBI #5 by Frazer Irving

The first issue of John Rozum and Frazer Irving’s XOMBI arrived to a lot of great reviews from the comics press. What did the critics have to say about XOMBI #1? Here’s a sampling...

"I haven't read a book this intriguingly and engagingly weird since I first dropped into Grant Morrison's THE INVISIBLES." -Ain't It Cool News

“We're getting into Grant Morrison-esque avant-garde weirdness here, and somehow, the nanite-injected, super-powered, and immortal David Kim is the calm epicenter at the eye of this weirdness, and the reader's doorway into the world. I love it." -Newsarama

“The team-up of John Rozum and Frazer Irving, for this book, makes it a must read. It's a refreshing break from all the super-hero books swarming the shelves, and it will captivate you from the get-go.” -Comic Vine

“The story that Rozum has begun to craft is intriguing, and should engage readers old and new alike ... Everything has a sense of the surreal, and Irving's knack for creating disturbing facial imagery is put to great use.” -IGN

"Irving can draw the dark and gloomy, but more importantly the crazy and fantastic. So when a Rustling Husk shows up out of nowhere, it's creepy and surprising, and his depiction of Mr. Hyde is gruesome. But at the same time, Irving's people are rooted firmly in reality, looking remarkably life-like. I think that's a perfect touch for "Xombi," since it makes the nastiness rising up around them feel that much more dangerous." -Comic Book Resources

"Xombi is away to the races with a first issue that's gorgeous, gripping and something different to everything else in my weekly stack." -iFanboy

"Rozum does a great job at reintroducing the character to both new and old audiences, and Irving’s artwork is amazing ... a great starting point." -Platform Nation

"I’m going to recommend picking up Xombi #1. The groundwork is firmly in place for an adventure and some solid storytelling. I believe wrier John Rozum and artist Frazer Irving will take us readers on a great ride." -ScienceFiction.com

"We could have a real winner on our hands." -Comics Bulletin It’s not too late to jump on board – XOMBI #2 hits stands later this month. We have an extra treat for Frazer Irving fans here: his variant cover to BATMAN INC. #6, on sale in May! bminc006cov