pp1141 Man, you have to love the art team on Detective Comics - both Jock and Francesco Francavilla have been filling my inbox with sneak peeks at some great Batman art from upcoming issues. Jock just sent over the amazing splash above from DETECTIVE COMICS #876 - I'll let him tell us about it:

"This is a page from DETECTIVE COMICS #876 - the first issue of a new arc 'The Hungry City' and a great opportunity to show our Batman, Dick Grayson, in full acrobatic mode. One of the elements writer Scott Snyder and I talked about while planning our issues is Dicks gymnastic background, and how it's important to distinguish between Bruce and Dick under the cowl. So I'm drawing a completely different Batman to the more thick set, monolithic figure I'd draw if it were Bruce Wayne. This page called for a quick descent into Gotham, and I hope I captured some of the movement and vitality that Scott and I are keen to bring to the character during our run. I drew the art as two separate pieces so colorist David Baron has full control over the city and the figure shots as different elements. I can't wait to see what he does with it."
Be sure to check out the full issue when it hits stands April 27th!