With the upcoming “Broken Promises” storyline, the TITANS are about to experience a time of change, and surprisingly the biggest change is coming to its leader Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke. With some insight into Slade and the TITANS’ transformation, is series writer Eric Wallace.

“Titans #33 kicks off a new 4-part story called "Broken Promises," and it's a plotline that's going to change Deathstroke's team forever. But even more important is how it changes Deathstroke himself. Slade's been pretty cold-hearted up to now in running these new Titans. That's because he has an uber-mission to complete, one that's only been hinted at up to now. Well, the endgame of that plan is finally revealed in "Broken Promises." But it's not just Slade's present that gets illuminated. It's his past, too. One of the things the entire creative team wanted to do with "Broken Promises" was to really dig deeply into how and why Slade became the man he is today. The shattered oath referred to in this arc's title is one of those key moments that ended up defining Slade. Whether that change turned out to be for better or worse will be up to the readers to decide! "Broken Promises" also refers to the various oaths that Slade made to his Titans. This includes getting rid of a new villain, Drago, for Cheshire. This is something Slade promised to do for her back in the "Titans: Villains For Hire Special #1." Well, we finally get to meet Drago in Titans #33. But as it turns out, getting rid of him is going to be a lot harder than Slade expects. Plus there's the fact that Cheshire's still really, really angry about getting shot back in Titans #25. Needless to say, she's going to break a promise, too, and the result is a very bad day for Deathstroke. There are a few other big surprises coming throughout the "Broken Promises" storyline, which runs through Titans #36. One of these includes how Osiris deals with his sister Isis's resurrection. We'll also see the return of a former Titan in an unexpected battle with one of my favorite members of the JLA, Vixen.”
TITANS #33 goes on sale March 9.