flashpoint_fri_white Do you like to play questions? Do you know the rules? Will I answer your questions about FLASHPOINT? Isn't that why you're here? Whatever *did* happen to the World's Greatest Heroes? Was Cyborg created to be their leader? Who will the Resistance summon? When do six become one? These are all good questions. Here's the thing: if everything you know will change in a Flash—and it will—then there are a lot of questions to be answered. Really interesting questions. So it's our good fortune that in the weeks and months to come, writer Geoff Johns, artist Andy Kubert and editor Eddie Berganza will all be making guest appearances to answer questions about FLASHPOINT, right here on THE SOURCE, as part of FLASHPOINT FRIDAY. Many of the answers will lead to new questions and that's part of the fun.   fp_green_lantern_100   Consider this an official open call for questions for you, the fans. Post your questions in the comments thread of this post, tweet them (#Flashpoint) or post them on the wall of the DC Nation Facebook page or the wall of the Flash Facebook page. Be creative. Be specific, but not too specific. Have fun. We'll be answering at least five of the very best questions here on THE SOURCE in advance of issue 1. The DC offices are closing early today and are closed Monday so this will be the last post on THE SOURCE til Tuesday morning when the offices re-open. With luck, as this post goes live, I'll be flying out of the country for an international, off the grid vacation. But in my absence, we have lots of great stuff in store for next week on the Source and Graphic Content, including next week’s FLASHPOINT FRIDAY. Ready? Do you have a question to ask?