Someone once said "Valentine's Day is just a made-up day. But so is Wednesday. Also, I think gravity is made up." That someone? Gail Simone. bopv2_cv11-copy Hmmm, that doesn't exactly bode well for Huntress and Catman's upcoming first date, does it? We asked Gail, is this going to be a disastrous first date? Here's what she had to say about BIRDS OF PREY issue 11:

"The most requested date in BIRDS OF PREY history happens in this issue. It's mostly about shy glances over a shared milkshake, and holding hands chastely in a lovely dewy meadow while parasols twirl slowly in the gentle breeze of Autumnal air. "Well, no, not REALLY, these are the two lustiest, toughest members of the Birds and the Secret Six, so it's really more about sharp pointy things and bad behavior!"
Bad behavior? From Catman and Huntress? Come to think of it, most of the time, these relationships seem destined to end in tragedy. BDAY_Cv18_ds.indd Superheroes rarely have much luck with romance, but it can happen... bday_20_dylux_-25-copy1