Started 60 years ago with Will Eisner as its first illustrator, PS Magazine (the preventive maintenance monthly magazine of the US Army) is now publishing its 700th issue. In celebration of this momentous occasion, DC Comics' Sgt Rock and Easy Co. are making a guest appearance with Sergeant Half-Mast McCanick. Legendary comic creator Joe Kubert illustrates the cover and an 8 page comic titled "PM For Easy Company" written by PS Magazine's Production Manager, Stuart Henderson. In this unique comic Joe makes firearm maintenance a blast. I asked Joe about what it means to him as a U.S. military veteran and as a comic creator to work on this anniversary issue and here's what he had to say, "To act as a follow-up to a publication started by Will Eisner over sixty years ago is the thrill of a lifetime." Now, for a look at the cover and a couple of pages that will appear in the March issue of PS MAGAZINE. You can read the comic in its entirety here on February 23. ps700-1-copyps700-2-copyps700-3-copy