How much is too much? That's my constant question while telling a story. There's a delicate balance between words and pictures in a comic book story, and it's easy to get carried away in one direction or the other and flood the reader with too much. That's why I like doing sketches. They help me understand how this world I'm portraying will work visually. I'm studying the characters to understand - maybe determine - how they look, move, behave and act. I go and research places and try to translate somewhere I've been, or a picture I've seen, into a drawing, figuring out how many details to include and what to leave out. I did a lot of sketches for DAYTRIPPER. They helped me bring our story to life. Fábio Moon airportsketch01 airportsketch02 brassketch01 phonebooth-truck shed bras-ages brassketch02 brassketch03 bras-dunes