Phil Jimenez has come home. To DC Comics, naturally! Phil returns to DC after signing an exclusive contract, and I have the pleasure and privilege of working with him. You see, Phil will be drawing and co-plotting an arc of ADVENTURE COMICS starring the “Legion Academy”—with characters he had a hand in creating, along with co-plotter and scripter Paul Levitz. Of all of the tentpole DC franchises, Phil has never tried his hand at the classic, iconic 31st century—and as the editor of both LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and ADVENTURE COMICS, I was stunned when he asked to draw a short story in LEGION #6 this past year. And the more Phil came in to drop off his penciled pages, the more we kinda geeked out on all things Legion—particulary Paul’s powerful and lengthy run during our hardcore fanboy days.


We commiserated on how Paul’s “Encyclopedia Galactica” info-captions would astoundingly have compelling stories within 15 words. And reveled in our mutual fondness for the gruff Timber Wolf. And gushed over Keith Giffen’s unique design of the future—with windowless, curvy structures—and how it still resonates in 2010 as it did back in 1982. With Phil I found a kindred spirit, perfect for all the good stuff going on in the LEGION world right now. Phil’s ADVENTURE arc begins in February with issue #523, where we really get to know the new class attending “Legion Academy.” These teens-in-training are perfect vehicles for anyone wanting to know more about the future world of the DC Universe. “Academy” is a ground-floor entry point for any new reader that feels daunted by the myriad players and planets of DC’s 31st century.


So, welcome back, Phil! I couldn’t walk away from this Source story without showing off Phil’s cover and a few pages from ADVENTURE #523! And what’s next after this arc? Welllll… I’ve gotta keep SOME surprises for another Source announcement!