Marc Guggenheim took over Justice Society last fall, and just three issues in he's already building into something big. Curious for hints at where it's going? Or a few reasons to jump on board? We'll let Marc take it away:
"Superstar artist Scott Kollins and I are blowing out all the stops to make 2011 the year of the Justice Society. We’ve gotten a really great response thus far from readers about our new approach, which attempts something that’s never been done in comics before (and that’s not an easy thing to do): Establish a literal society of super-heroes. In Issue 44, we introduced the city of Monument Point to the DCU. By the end of our first arc, we’ll have made Jay Garrick, the original Flash, mayor of the city and populated it with a wide variety of heroes -- some new, some old; some legacy heroes, others ones you wouldn’t expect to see in a “JSA book.” I know some fans might be concerned that the essence of the Justice Society as they know it might be lost with this new approach, but believe me, we’ll be staying true to what the JSA is all about -- being the forefathers of the DCU -- while maintaining our focus on the original JSAers you know and love. In fact, you’ll find that this new status quo energizes them in ways that even the characters themselves didn’t expect. All this will be in place by the end of our first arc -- Issue 49 -- thus setting the stage for our extra-sized fiftieth anniversary issue. We have a lot of things up our sleeves. I know fans will be extra-excited about one of them, which I’ll hint here. Two words: All. Star. Stick with us or jump on board. You’ll be glad you did."
Here's a bonus preview of Justice Society of America #47, on sale at the end of this month.