Superman's walk across the country is a long one, but he won't be alone; writer Chris Roberson will have several of the DCU's biggest heroes join him at different points of his journey. Take it away, Chris:
"On an unconscious level, Superman's return to the American Heartland in an attempt to reconnect with the values that he has begun to question, and to revisit the kinds of places where he had his earliest formative experiences As 2011 unfolds, we’ll see Superman get to the real heart of this journey, both geographically and emotionally, as he encounters allies and enemies that remind him of key moments in his past. An encounter with the Flash in Colorado serves to remind Superman of the time he and teenaged Lex Luthor shared a detention hall. A meeting with Batman in the Utah desert calls to mind the time Clark Kent and a young Bruce Wayne defended a village in Bhutran from Vandal Savage, who was searching for the road to Nanda Parbat. And of course, those are only two of the eight stories we’ll be telling.” - Chris Roberson