Regular SOURCE readers read our little tease of a blog post posted Friday afternoon. In case you missed it, well, there was no art, just the following: Who is Solstice? We’re not saying. Yet. Stay tuned, SOURCE readers, stay tuned. We know it’s the holiday season, so we shouldn’t leave you hanging too long . . .. Solstice will make her first appearance in TEEN TITANS # 90. You’ll want to bag and board that one, folks, because this is a character that folks at the DC offices are already buzzing about in the hallways. Solstice plays a pivotal role in the WONDER GIRL one shot in January and from there will become a regular character in the pages of TEEN TITANS. Let’s turn it over to TEEN TITANS writer, JT. Krul. J.T.? “We've seen glimpses of her before, but starting in March Solstice will take center stage in the pages of Teen Titans. Losing loved ones, haunted by death, or dealing with crazy or downright demonic fathers, the titans seem to always have a dark cloud looming over them. But Solstice will be bringing some much needed light to the team - and that's not just referring to her powers. She's a positive spirit - influenced by the various cultures she's encountered during her travels throughout the world. She embraces life and all the adventure and experiences it offers. The future of the Teen Titans is bright indeed and Solstice will play a big part of that. Don't miss it!” Intrigued? Expect to read and see more about Solstice on THE SOURCE in 2011.