Seven, they say, is a magic number. And this morning, we can't disagree. Because DC and Vertigo have put on an impressive showing, combining to win seven, yes seven of IGN's thirteen awards for the Best of 2010. Here's the rundown... Best New Series: Vertigo's AMERICAN VAMPIRE AMVAMPDJ_2.indd Best Art Team: Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon & Dave Stewart (DAYTRIPPER) DAYT_CVR.indd Best Series Revamp: ACTION COMICS AC_Cv894_ds.indd Best Moment of the Year: BATMAN & ROBIN 13 BMROB_Cv13_ds.indd Best Story Arc: "Batman and Robin Must Die" from BATMAN AND ROBIN BMROB_Cv15_ds.indd Best Series: BATMAN & ROBIN BMROB_Cv16_ds.indd Best Writer: Grant Morrison. Here's IGN on Grant's many accomplishments in 2010: "The writer wrapped up his run on Batman and Robin in grand fashion. He brought Bruce Wayne back to the present where he belongs. He celebrated the legacy of Batman as a whole in Batman #700. And luckily, Morrison did find time to weave his own original stories with Joe the Barbarian. Any of these projects numbered among the most unique and memorable of the year. Taken together, it's clear Morrison is still at the top of his game." Congratulations to everyone on IGN's list.