David Kim is not a hero. He is - was - a scientist with no intentions of dabbling in powers or fights between good and evil. He just wanted to do his research and marry his fiancée and have a normal life. Eventually, he planned on aging, retiring and dying. But sometimes, fate steps in, infects you with nanotechnology and robs you of life and death forever. Now David is a XOMBI, permanently infected with a nanotech virus that regenerates his tissue no matter what happens to him. And he has been drawn into a world that makes no sense at times, and forced to confront things no scientist should ever have to contemplate. With his powers, he protects his friends, but he lives his unlife detached from the real world. Will he ever find a connection back to the life he once knew? Creator and writer John Rozum returns to the fan-favorite title to continue the story of David, and to give the DCU a new corner of urban horror to explore. Right from the start, John's throwing David in over his head, giving new readers and old friends alike the chance to dive into a new story and hold on for the ride. Joining him will be the excellent star artist Frazer Irvingon all visual duties to create a world few have seen and fewer still dare to dwell. There's nothing like XOMBI you've ever read before, and you won't believe what's to come. Step through the door with David Kim and join him on his journey to destinations unknown. We promise you'll be safe. Absolutely. After all, the XOMBI will protect you - as long as you don't get too close.