Today is a special day for all DC readers! Starting today, YOU can play a critical role in determining the future of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. By going to, you can vote for who should be the Legion leader! LEGION’s esteemed writer Paul Levitz revives the traditional fan poll to elect the Legion’s leader—just as the Legionnaires themselves vote within the series. But it is the fan’s vote that counts, and not, say, Dawnstar’s (sorry, Dawny). Legion elections energize and empower readers in that they can directly participate in the direction of the series, and who knows, it might pique the interest of folks not yet reading the series. Where else can readers have direct interaction like this? And the results can have some very interesting consequences. A reader poll throws us a potential creative curveball. I recall during the 1980s, the readership elected longtime Substitute Legionnaire Polar Boy—an unlikely turn of events, given the illusion that the Legionnaires themselves were voting. But Paul, who wrote the series at the time, just rolled with it and crafted some very clever and entertaining stories around it. I’m pretty excited to see what this election brings. So go and vote now! Voting ends November 10, and the victor stands revealed in LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #8, hitting stores December 22 (a holiday treat for certain!). Click on the art below for a peek at how we set up the poll within LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #6, on sale today! legion-6-p30 Throughout the course of its history, LEGION readers have always had a special connection with the series, and this is but one of the reasons why. If you’re not currently reading the series, perhaps use this opportunity to give it a try! It’s a rare comic book relationship that actually goes both ways.