roadhome3 A mysterious new villain is casting a long shadow over Gotham City at arguably the worst moment possible. With the city’s heroes overtaxed and in disarray, will they be able to band together and bring down their deadly adversary? Oh, and Bruce Wayne’s back. Remember him? roadhome91 An icon returns. A villain is born and the protectors of Gotham are forced to not only defeat the immediate, but cope with the array of questions that Bruce’s return brings up. Starting in October, readers will begin to experience BRUCE WAYNE – THE RETURN HOME, a series of one-shot specials spotlighting the many key players in Batman’s world, spotlighting not only their attempts to defeat a looming threat, but also to come to terms with the return of their mentor, father figure and friend – for better or worse. roadhome4 Batgirl no more? Catwoman’s love rekindled? A Robin abandoned? roadhome1 Those questions and a few more will be answered – with some more raised – in October. You’ve seen a few of the teaser images above. Pop back to the blog tomorrow to see more, with some answers and clues from Batman Group Editor Mike Marts.