jimmy-olsen-color Wil Moss here, editor of the new JIMMY OLSEN co-feature that starts in next week’s ACTION COMICS #893. Lemme get something out of the way right off the bat -- in this co-feature, sometimes Jimmy is gonna be sporting a bowtie. Now whether that fact elates or infuriates you (and based on the feedback I’ve gotten so far, there seems to be no in between), you’re definitely going to want to give this co-feature a read. Why? ‘Cause writer Nick Spencer and artist RB Silva have cooked up an amazingly fun and fresh story not only about Jimmy Olsen, but also about the whole DCU. With Jimmy as your guide, you’ll see a side of Metropolis that’s similar to Washington, D.C., in a way – there, behind all these powerful political figures are young people getting their coffee, preparing their memos, basically covering the details so they can focus on the task at hand. And it’s no different in the DCU, and especially Metropolis, with super-heroes and super-villains. One such behind-the-scenes-ster is Sebastien Mallory, a fast-rising young executive at LexCorp who naturally serves as Jimmy’s arch-nemesis. Another such character is someone you might have already heard of -- Chloe Sullivan, the SMALLVILLE fan-favorite who is making her comic book debut right here! How does she tie into Jimmy’s life and where does she go from here? Well, you’ll have to check out the comic to find out, but trust me, we’ve got big plans for her! At the center of it all is, of course, James Bartholomew Olsen. This guy invented zany adventures. And while he’s not gonna be morphing into a giant turtle anytime soon, this comic nonetheless captures the spirit of those stories. You’ll see drunken alien invasions, parallel reality speed dating, the return of the Daily Planet’s Flying Newsroom, and the most important thing in any 20-something male’s life: video games! Nick & RB were born to make JIMMY OLSEN comics. Nick practically is Jimmy Olsen (did you see him at Comic-Con International: San Diego wearing a bowtie?), and RB packs the pages with so many inventive layouts and clever designs, the next page of comic art you see will look dull as dirt in comparison. Superman doesn’t just pick anybody to be his pal, and these guys are going to show you why that pal is Jimmy. DC is putting out a ton of killer comics right now (special shout-out to ZATANNA and JUSTICE LEAGE: GENERATION LOST!), but with ACTION COMIC’s gripping lead story starring Lex Luthor by Paul Cornell & Pete Woods and now the addition of this JIMMY OLSEN co-feature? Well, you just discovered your new favorite comic. The best part is you can actually read this story for free right now via the DC Comics App and through Comixology.com. So check it out online now or in print next week (or hey, why not both?) -- just remember, this isn’t Mort Weisinger’s Jimmy Olsen. This isn’t Jack Kirby’s Jimmy Olsen. This isn’t Morrison & Quitely’s Jimmy Olsen. This is YOUR Jimmy Olsen. And sometimes he rocks a bowtie. - Wil Moss