Starting next month, the team of penciler Tyler Kirkham and inker BATT will take over the regular art duties on GREEN LANTERN CORPS, joining regular writer Tony Bedard. But why wait until then? We swung by GLC Editor Adam Schlagman’s office and snatched up a few shots of what’s to come from the series. But before we unveil these images, what does Adam think about the new artistic duo? “Tyler Kirkham and BATT are an incredible art team that are going to blow fans away! Check out a small preview of what they have in store...And that’s just the beginning. Wait until you see Tyler’s Sinestro! Writer Tony Bedard introduces us to the Weaponer of Qward -- the man who forged Sinestro’s original yellow ring. The Green Lantern Corps is in for a load of trouble!" Sinestro? Sold. Until then, though, here are those images we promised.