bnr16_solicit Or should I say Bat-men? As THE NEW YORK POST broke this morning, not only will Bruce Wayne be returning to a new set of Batman duds, but his first sidekick, Dick Grayson, will continue to fight crime on the streets of Gotham as Batman, and under the banner of “Batman Inc.” But what does that mean for the Batman titles moving forward? We’ve got the breakdown for you here. Fear not. Starting in November, DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN and BATMAN AND ROBIN will feature the ongoing adventures of Dick Grayson as Batman, with Damian as Robin. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne will take center stage in the pages of Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s BATMAN INC. and writer/artist David Finch’s BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT. What does this mean for Bruce and Dick Grayson? Can the world handle two Batmen? We can’t give everything away here, but we did manage to corner Batman Group Editor Mike Marts for a quick tease, and a look at an amazing spread from the first issue of BATMAN INC. Take it away, Mike: “Just as readers were getting comfortable with the idea of former sidekick Dick Grayson playing the role of Batman, along comes Bruce Wayne’s triumphant return to the Cape and Cowl. Is Gotham City ready for two Batmen? Is the world? And who’s to say the fun will end there?” bminc