trex31 Sean Ryan here, editor at DC Comics. I edit a little book I like to call SECRET SIX. Perhaps you’ve heard of it; read about it online, etc. Or perhaps a friend has told you about it. Or maybe a stuffy authority figure has told you that you shouldn’t read it because it’s full of sex and violence and verbal innuendo, courtesy of writer Gail Simone. ssix25_191 Well, no matter how you’ve heard of it, I wanted to pass on that the whole SECRET SIX family is thrilled to have Jim Calafiore on as the official ongoing artist. Mr. Calafiore is one of the smartest artists I’ve worked with and he brings such a great feel and energy to the book. Plus, he draws some exquisite violence. Check out page 19 of issue 25 if you don't believe me. ssix25_15_161 So if you’re not reading SECRET SIX, issue 25 is a perfect place to start. It’s the beginning of a brand new arc, there’s going to be dinosaurs showing up, and the editors at IGN just named SECRET SIX the second best book DC Comics publishes. Silver medals for everyone!