Yesterday, we gave you a first glance at Nic Klein’s amazing and gritty pencils for the sixth issue of the Man of Bronze’s ongoing series, which is being co-written by Ivan Brandon and FIRST WAVE writer Brian Azzarello. Today, we checked in with series Assistant Editor Chris Conroy about the new story arc, with more art, of course. But that’s not all. Early next week we’ll hear from Brandon and Azzarello about their work, with, yes, even more new art. docs-06-pg-004 Take it away, Chris: If you've been sitting on the sidelines wondering what people see in Doc Savage, then my friend, have we got a storyline for you. Picture it: you're trapped in a biological warfare quarantine zone. You're alone against an army of pissed-off guerilla fighters screaming to be let loose from their prison. The guerillas have nukes... and one of your best friends held captive. Got a plan yet? Because Doc does. docs-06-pg-005 Everything that makes Doc Savage great is all over every issue of this run -- his cunning, his determination, the death-defying fights and adventures -- and it's all mixed up with strange locales, bizarre villains, and a nuanced appreciation of that quality we in the business call "bad-assery." In creating the FIRST WAVE universe, Brian Azzarello imagined an world without magic or superpowers that still manages to be far more exotic than our own; where every corner of the map holds a mystery to solve. Ivan Brandon is treating that world like his personal playground, filling every page with wondrous and terrible sights. Put those two brains to work on one script, and you're gonna get a story with some serious swagger, and the kind of punch that backs it up one hundred percent. And as for those wondrous sights... oh brother. It doesn't matter if you know Nic Klein from his previous collaboration with Ivan, Image's VIKING, or if you've never seen a single panel of his work -- this art is going to melt your face clean off. Just look at the pages below -- Doc's commanding physical presence leaps out of every panel. And as for the Two Who Are One... well, they're the Sensational Character Find of 2010, bar none. You'll never believe the twists Ivan's got planned for those guys. That guy. Whatever. docs-06-pg-006 It's all in DOC SAVAGE #6, on sale September 8th. Buy now and we'll throw in the first chapter of a great new JUSTICE INC. story, "Vengeance and Murder," from Jason Starr and Scott Hampton -- the kind of raw, pulpy crime story that leaves your jaw broken and your knuckles bloody. You have, as they say, been warned. Warned, indeed. Thanks, Chris!