archietitans1-cover Turns out that Sidekick City, the hometown of the beloved TINY TITANS shares a downtown area with another famous city – Riverdale, home to LITTLE ARCHIE and his friends JUGHEAD, BETTY, VERONICA and REGGIE. News to you, huh? Well, it’s also news to the Tiny Titans, the all-ages and all-fun take on the classic DC heroes, and the Archies! What happens when the two groups meet? Archies in costume? Tiny Titans at Pop’s? What happens when Robin meets Jughead? Will Kid Flash crush on Betty or Veronica? Well, we’re not telling. But we can guarantee a heavy dose of all-ages fun from the Eisner-winning team of Art Baltazar and Franco, as two of comics most loved characters join forces for an awesome and memorable adventure. Art and Franco – what say you? “I can't believe I get to say AW YEAH TITANS! But now I get to say AW YEAH LIL' ARCHIE too!!!!” Franco said. “ This is so cool cause for years I've been searching for Pop's Chok'lit Shoppe! I've always wanted to challenge Jughead to an eating contest! I've been a fan of comics for years and whenever there was a cross over of characters in epic proportions I was there. The chance to work on this historic crossover been Archie and the gang AND the Titans is right up there in the sense of epicness!!! We finally get to find out how these guys meet and interact and what Archie will look like with a cape and what Robin looks like with a sweater? Popular mainstream is going to go all laughs with this one! AW YEAH HISTORIC!!” “Aw Yeah Titans!!! Aw Yeah Archie!!! Wow!” said Baltazar. “What an historic crossover of Golden Age proportions! When I was asked to design Little Archie characters for a possible crossover, I was speechless! This is HUGE! Historical! Two of the biggest and awesomest Comic Companies teaming up for the first time...EVER!!!! Its an honor to be part of the Crossover Event of the New Comic Millenium! AW YEAH All Ages All the TIME!!!” TINY TITANS/LITTLE ARCHIE #1 hits in October.