newwwcostume In case you decided to sleep through the last two days, you may have noticed that we broke a little bit of news on Wednesday. Specifically, that Wonder Woman will be sporting a new costume starting with WONDER WOMAN #600, which hit stores earlier this week. The costume change is central to the storyline by acclaimed writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Don Kramer, which started in a short story in #600. And wow, did people respond to the new costume – designed by our very own Co-Publisher Jim Lee. Where to begin? Well, the news broke with THE NEW YORK TIMES and JMS interviews then cropped up on IGN, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES, AOL COMICS ALLIANCE and NEWSARAMA. But that was only the beginning. The news continued to spread, with mentions in THE WASHINGTON POST, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, SIRIUS XM RADIO, THE SUN (UK), THE GUARDIAN UK, BBC NEWS, SYDNEY MORNING PAPER (Australia),, THE DAILY BEAST, THE ONION AV CLUB, TIME TECHLAND, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER,, EW.COM, NPR’s MONKEY SEE, WALL STREET JOURNAL’s SPEAKEASY BLOG, THE HUFFINGTON POST, GAWKER’s JEZEBEL blog, LA TIMES, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, FOX NEWS, THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, THE VILLAGE VOICE, ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION, THE BALTIMORE SUN, KNOXVILLE NEWS, MS MAGAZINE, io9, THE NEW YORK POST, YAHOO!, MAXIM, ROBOT 6, COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD, iFANBOY, WIRED, TOPLESS ROBOT, GAMMA SQUAD, THE BEAT, ICV2, BUST MAGAZINE, MTV SPLASH PAGE, AFTER ELTON, KOTAKU, UGO and television segments on ABC NEWS and THE NBC NIGHTLY NEWS. Pretty impressive – and a testament to the iconic nature of Wonder Woman. Done clicking through all those links? Well head home and enjoy a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. See you Tuesday.