sm_700_dylux-20-copy Is there any doubt that Superman is the preeminent hero in comics? No other character embodies the combination of power, grace, presence, command and majesty of Superman. Superman editors Matt Idelson and Wil Moss asked me to do a story from Superman's early years. They were looking for something that would focus on the reaction someone might have with regard to those qualities. As we talked about a number of different characters who might fit such a story, it became apparent that Superman's supporting cast had been fully explored that way. So we came up with an alternative. Someone who'd see Superman through totally unjaded eyes. Someone who would really appreciate the "wow factor" Superman brings to the table. Someone like Robin. They've always been a bit of a natural combination in a way. While Robin's bright personality and costume stand as a counterpoint to Batman, they dovetail nicely with the more optimistic Superman. All in all, it makes for a nice little story, and it was great to handle the Man of Steel again.