As if he weren’t busy enough with his duties as Co-Publisher of DC Comics, our very own Dan DiDio is a constant presence at cons across the country and around the globe. From time to time, we’ll get a note from Dan with a photo of him and some of our great fans, so we thought it’d be nice to give a few of those dedicated, costume-wearing readers a little time under The Source’s spotlight. So here are a few shots from Dan’s most recent jaunt across the country with some familiar faces. image001 Vixen, Zatanna and a certain Dark Knight with Dan (and our other Co-Publisher Jim Lee in the background. Hey, Jim!) at WonderCon last month. From left: Thera Pitts, Dan, Emylee Wang and Aaron Blossom. image002 This snapshot of the Lantern spectrum comes to us from sunny Florida, where Dan was attending MegaCon not long ago. Can you name all the characters above? If so, your eyes are better than mine. Here’s a listing of some of the costumed folk: Rick Lance, Rebecca May Womack, Derek Rich, Dan, Dwight Dunbar, Sherita Dunbar, Danny and Heather Kelley and John Lemay. image003 Another from MegaCon: Dan and Black Lantern Superman, i.e. Danny Kelley. Nice duds, dude! Um, is that a heart in your hands? We’ll have some more photos as we get farther into the convention season, so stay tuned to The Source.