ww_promo_450_cmyk It's not a stretch to say WONDER WOMAN #601 kicks off a new era for Wonder Woman, as writer J. Michael Straczynski steps into the writer's chair to chronicle the ongoing adventures of the Amazon Princess. What twists does the Eisner-nominated writer of BRAVE & BOLD and the creator of Babylon 5 have in store? Well, from the image above, you can tell things are about to get dangerous for Wonder Woman -- and things are going to change. But before we check in with JMS about what's coming up, we know that a lot of you've been wondering about the artistic team that'll be paired with the writer on WONDER WOMAN. Well, we're happy and excited to announce that the art team of Don Kramer and Michael Babinski will be taking on the ongoing art assignment. As you can tell from the Kramer/Babinski piece above, the team is upping their game for an assignment that'll include major, lasting changes for Wonder Woman and her world. We cornered WONDER WOMAN Editor Brian Cunningham for a little more info on the art team. Brian? “I’m thrilled to be working with Don and Mike again. We worked together on the POWER OF SHAZAM! #48 ‘Blackest Night’ tie-in, and they were a pleasure to work with. Now they have the opportunity to visualize J. Michael Straczynski’s epic WONDER WOMAN opus. It’s such a game-changer for the character. And what Don and Mike have done so far is absolutely amazing. I wish I could show you everything!” Thanks, Brian! Speaking of game changers, let's talk to the writer himself about what all that rubble above could mean for the iconic hero. "I knew from the moment I first saw Don's work that he would be perfect for Wonder Woman. What we're doing with the book -- going back to the core of the character, really helping to define who she is, what she's feeling and what she's fighting for --- really requires that you can see emotion in the faces of the characters, as well as a dynamic range of action and movement. Don brings all of those to the table. "Our story puts Diana, alone, against almost impossible odds in a situation that begins with the destruction of Paradise Island and nearly everything she holds dear. Pursued, hunted, with the events that led to this a mystery, and her future uncertain, Diana must go into the depths of her soul, and the darkest places in the world, to try and rescue the people, and the world, she cares for. Something, or someone, has flipped a switch so that the world she lives in is not the world that was...and she's the only hope of restoring that world."