luthorinarmorcover-cmyk I know what you're thinking -- "Didn't they just announce a new ACTION COMICS writer?" Well, we did. But stuff has changed and we'll get to that in one second. Firstly, starting in June, HUGO award-nominated writer Paul Cornell will join interior artist Pete Woods and cover artist David Finch on ACTION COMICS. Cornell comes to DC with a very shiny resume, including work as a novelist and in comics and television -- notably, for the Dr. Who series. Cornell steps in at a critical point for our hero, coming out of THE WAR OF THE SUPERMEN. So, what does he have in store? Well, let's ask him. Take it away, Paul: "I'm proud and honored to be taking on such a historic title. It's particularly great to begin by featuring Lex Luthor, who's always been one of my favourite characters. So many legendary creators have written this title in the past that I'm giddy and frankly terrified at the prospect of following in their footsteps." And who wouldn't be psyched to work with artists like Woods and Finch? As you can see from the Luthor image above by Mr. Finch and the Woods images below, ACTION promises to earn its title in spades. smlsnk-0301600 smlsnk-0310-11600 But what of Marc Guggenheim, who we announced as the new ACTION writer a ways back? Well, we swung by Superman Group Editor Matt Idelson's office for some info. Matt? "I'm very bummed to be missing out on this chance to work with Marc who I think would have kicked some serious butt on ACTION. The story he pitched began to evolve into something quite different, something Marc knew would be great, but he had concerns about whether he was the man to write this tale. Rather than do a disservice to the book, the readers and himself, Marc decided to step away from ACTION, and we both know that sometime in the future, we'll be collaborating on Superman for sure. “With Guggs out of the picture, there was only one person to turn to, one writer who could bring this book to those Guggian heights while still making it his own—Paul Cornell. Shockingly, he accepted the challenge. In the short time we’ve been working together, his enthusiasm has blown me away! Happily, no sooner had Marc stepped off than another editor swooped in to work with Marc on a project that will be announced in the near future." So, wait -- we get an ongoing ACTION COMICS series from Cornell, Woods and Finch and a top-secret Guggenheim series? Sold. Stay tuned to THE SOURCE for more on what's next for Marc, and for some more upcoming SUPERMAN and ACTION COMICS art.