I'm not much of a mind reader, but I'm pretty sure some of you were wondering this while reading the first issue of LAST STAND OF NEW KRYPTON: What is Pete Woods doing next? Well, he's doing two more issues of LAST STAND, that's a given. And those'll be a treat, brought to you by the writing team of Sterling Gates and James Robinson, and a perfect lead-in to the "100-Minute War" that's kicking off in WAR OF THE SUPERMEN. And, starting in June, Mr. Woods will be joining new writer Marc Guggenheim as the regular artist on ACTION COMICS. Pete's done a spectacular job chronicling Kal-El's adventures on New Krypton, so it was a no-brainer to have him swing on over to one of the ongoing titles. But what does he have to say about it all? Take it away, Pete: "I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Marc on Action Comics. I also feel incredibly blessed to have David Finch doing covers- I have been a fan for years. Marc and I have some fun plans for this book and intend for it to live up to it's name!" Oh, and we have some art to show, of course. Here are a few pages from the next issue of LAST STAND. smlsnk-0208600 smlsnk-0202-03cmyk And if you're going to be in the Seattle area this weekend, make sure to say hello to Pete, who'll be at the Emerald City show as well. But that's not all we have to talk about here. In addition to Woods coming on board as the regular artist, ACTION COMICS will also be sporting a new cover artist in superstar David Finch, who kicks off his run with this menacing look at Lex Luthor. actioncomics-cover-cmyk