FRWV Cv1.indd In case you missed our initial announcement and friendly reminder yesterday, today's your chance to talk comics with two of the biggest names in the industry: Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. Where? Twitter, of course. So head out to the comic shop and pick up your copy of FIRST WAVE #1 and start following Geoff, Jim and DC NATION. If you don't have a Twitter account, signing up is easy, so no worries. The rest is even easier: have fun, talk comics and enjoy the first issue of an excellent new mini-series spotlighting some of the most iconic characters -- like Batman, Doc Savage and the Spirit -- brought to life in a whole new light. The fun starts today at 3pm PST. And if you can’t make it right on time, click on the hashtag “#DCreader” to catch up on the discussion! See you there!