Today's the day: Read FIRST WAVE #1 with Jim Lee and Geoff Johns

Today's the day: Read FIRST WAVE #1 with Jim Lee and...

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
FRWV Cv1.indd In case you missed our initial announcement and friendly reminder yesterday, today's your chance to talk comics with two of the biggest names in the industry: Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. Where? Twitter, of course. So head out to the comic shop and pick up your copy of FIRST WAVE #1 and start following Geoff, Jim and DC NATION. If you don't have a Twitter account, signing up is easy, so no worries. The rest is even easier: have fun, talk comics and enjoy the first issue of an excellent new mini-series spotlighting some of the most iconic characters -- like Batman, Doc Savage and the Spirit -- brought to life in a whole new light. The fun starts today at 3pm PST. And if you can’t make it right on time, click on the hashtag “#DCreader” to catch up on the discussion! See you there!