In a world without super powers, there are still those men and women who merit the name "hero." In the long shadow of The War and amidst the rubble of a shattered world, humanity's last hope may be a handful of masked vigilantes with only their fists and wits at their disposal against a shadowy cabal known only as The Golden Tree. Enter Doc Savage, a veritable super man plagued by the loss of his father and a nagging suspicion that something evil lurks around the corner. Enter the mysterious Spirit, a man once thought dead now protecting the streets of Central City from the corruption and decay that's already pushed it to the brink of destruction. And what of the caped crime fighter known as "The Bat-Man"? Needless to say, he isn't what you've come to expect from the Dark Knight: Brash, cocky, inexperienced and daring. This is the pulp, neo-noir setting of FIRST WAVE, a six-issue mini-series that springs from the mind of acclaimed, Eisner Award-winning writer Brian Azzarello and featuring art by versatile master Rags Morales. Azzarello brings his knack for realistic dialogue and hard boiled narrative to the forefront from the first panel of the first page, presenting a world very rooted in reality but also evocative of the fantastical tales and adventures that were at the crux of the pulps' popularity years ago. Paired with Morales, who's arguably creating some of the best work of his career and you have an unbeatable formula for adventurous and just plain exciting comics featuring some of the most iconic characters to grace the sequential page, re-energized for today's reader. Who can argue with that? We managed to catch Azzarello for a quick word. Take it away Brian: "It's exciting to be part of this. Everybody involved has really worked their tails off building this world, and as it rolls out in the next few months, you can expect more than a few surprises. The most important thing for us as creators is to make readers care about the characters. I think they'll find themselves caring in ways they haven't before. It should be fun." The proof is on the page, gang. And we've got four colored pages from the first issue along with colored pages from the scene we previewed a few weeks back. Be warned, though: Once you enter the world of FIRST WAVE, it'll be near impossible to escape.