If there’s one book that just screams “fun,” it’s TINY TITANS. The book bristles with the pure energy and joy creators Art Balthazar and Franco pour into the book each month. This week’s issue #25 is no exception, especially with special guest writer Geoff Johns, who joins the TINY TITANS duo for a special tale featuring a character that Johns is all-too-familiar with, Conner Kent – and Match?! Let’s see what Art, Franco AND Geoff have got in store. Take it away, gents: “This issue was just a blast to write! It was great to have another person like to Geoff to bounce ideas off just because of the back info he has on these characters,” Franco said. “It was also cool cause he told us all the Blackest Night and Brightest Day secrets and now we get to auction them off to the highest bidder! ... or use them as our own stories in future Tiny Titans issues!” Huh, I don’t even know those secrets. Then again, I usually don’t! Geoff? “ Aww yeah Art and Franco!!! I jumped at the chance to work with them and the Tiny Titans!” “AW YEAH CONNER! AW YEAH RINGS! Man, we've been waiting to use Conner Superboy since issue #1! Getting to write with the same guy who brought Conner BACK from the dead was awesome! This issue is truly historical! I'm a big fan of Geoff Johns! I'm a fan of Franco too!” And we’re fans of all three of you. Here are a few pages from the issue, which hits 2/24.