jl-gen-lost-1 Remember when we announced JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST, the new, twice-monthly series from writers Judd Winick and Keith Giffen? Well, we've got some more info on the book -- including the all-star art team handling the visuals. You’ve seen the cover. You’ve read the select interviews floating out there. And, I can imagine, you have some questions: What brings the old gang together? What do the likes of Winick and Giffen have in store? Not telling on either front. But I can tell you what artists will be bringing these stories to the page, two times a month. Deep breath. Go: The first issue of the series will feature the artwork of Aaron Lopresti, who's no stranger to DCU readers after his epic run on WONDER WOMAN with Gail Simone. We’ll be announcing more artists as we get closer to #1 hitting, so stay tuned. But that's not all -- in addition to the lovely Tony Harris cover above (and future covers, as Tony will be handling those duties regularly), the first issue of GENERATION LOST will feature a variant cover by none other than Kevin Maguire, who's got some experience drawing the heroes of the JLI. Oh, and did I mention we'd have more news today? Because we will. Sit tight, folks. It's gonna be a fun Friday.