You read that correctly. An interstellar conflict waged at superspeed. Could this be in any way related to THE WAR OF THE SUPERMEN, which we announced not too long ago? Same thing, folks, and it's all hitting in May, courtesy of writers Sterling Gates and James Robinson. An epic, defining battle for the Man of Steel unleashed in one month. Because super-beings that fly fast? Well, they fight pretty fast, too. But let's move past the high concept and dive into the nitty gritty, shall we? We pestered Superman Group Editor Matt Idelson on his day off to give us the goods, so take it away, Matt: "The war between New Krypton and Earth has been the worst kept secret in comics the last several months. The number of mocking 'Wouldn't a world of supermen defeat Earth in five minutes?' questions I've been assaulted with have undone years of therapy. Now, thank Freud, the time for secrets is over, as the two sides are finally going to war! And it's going to last a lot longer than five minutes--100, to be exact, told in 25 minute increments. That doesn't count the few minutes before the clock starts, in WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #0, our contribution to this year's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. There, we'll bring new readers up to speed on everything they really need to know, while hitting our regular loyalists with a tense tale the ending of which baps you between the eyes. Yay, war! Jokes aside, this 100 minute thing made us realize that spreading the story over several months would kind of deaden the impact of the timeframe device, not to mention starting the war a month after #0. Besides, with five covers by Mr. Eddy Barrows, and Eddy being joined on this thing by the likes of Aaron Lopresti, Jamal Igle and Eduardo Pansica, why wait to put the issues out?" But there's more. With Superman caught between the war-hungry factions of General Zod and General Lane, could any victory be much more than Pyrrhic? What side will Supergirl take, and could it find her at odds with her cousin? Where are the other "Supermen" of the DCU, like Steel and Superboy? Right in the thick of it, is the answer. War is declared. Time is of the essence. May is going to be a game changer for Superman, and if you don't believe me yet, maybe these stunning in-progress Eddy Barrows WAR OF THE SUPERMEN covers -- along with the cover to #0 -- will help sway you.