Hey DC Nation! You know by now I love me my Red Circle books, characters and creators alike. We've got top-notch talent producing top-notch work on every issue, and everyone is deserving of the highest of praises. One of our unsung heroes is cover artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, a rising star here at DC Comics, whose amazing work has graced titles such as FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: DANCE and THE GREAT TEN, and who makes THE WEB one of the most striking books on the shelves, month after month. The Web's an interesting hero -- cocky, arrogant, loaded with money, looks and charm, yet he's also a compassionate man who truly wants to do good and help people. But intentions and actions can be very different things, and so far, the Web has found his worst enemy is himself, as he keeps tripping himself up thanks to his absolute hubris. Drawing a character like that requires an unbelievable level of skill and nuance, and Stanley nails it every time. I get a loose sketch one day: web_issue1_sketch web_issue2_sketch ...and then a stunning, fully-painted, ready-to-print cover the very next day later. web_issue1_final_lr web_issue2_final_lr web_issue3_final_lr web_issue5_final_lr web_issue7_final_lr web_issue9_lr ONE DAY, people. ONE DAY. I'm actually convinced Stanley's cloned himself many times over to keep up with all his art commitments as well as his fulltime job. And you all see it, don't you? The supreme self-confidence the Web has, the cavalier attitude he brings into his superheroic feats, his money and his contemporary edge, all captured perfectly by these covers. So here's a little gallery of some of my favorites so far. Hope you all enjoy! Thanks, Stanley! Oh, and Stanley just shot these sketch over. Huh. red_circle_sketch Now what the heck is this for? I guess I'll find out tomorrow!