Not long ago, we checked in with GOTHAM CITY SIRENS artist Guillem March to get some insight into his creative process when it comes to creating cover artwork for the series. The post worked so well, we thought it'd be cool to check in with another Bat-artist. This time, we got some notes from none other than Dustin Nguyen, artist on BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM. Take it away, Dustin: 1batmansogcover_thumbs 1- for this one( thumb # 1), i was approved for 2 of my 5 sketches turned in, so was able to work on them both at the same time. This was especially fun because they both allowed me the use of heavy blacks and playing with ink and quill a bit, really playing up my love for Sergio Toppi's work. 2coverbatmansog_pencils 2- after figuring out logo placement and making sure the image would work nicely once at comic book size, i start to layout in pencil on 300lb hotpress watercolor stock. at this point, i wasn't sure how much ink and water i wanted to put on it. so 300lb is a nice safe paper. 3coverbatmansog_bw 3- i move into inking the piece with quills and brush and a soft graywash for atmosphere. 4coverbatmansog_final 4- Finally- from the original thumb, i felt this piece would be strongest with bold crisp colors, so i opted to go with photoshop to add the colors rather than watercolor itself. The choices of classic blue and yellow is from my love of the way Batman looked in the 80's comics i grew up on, not to mention Dark Knight Returns.