AS: I know the artists doing the interiors on BRIGHTEST DAY are still under wraps, but can you say anything about the cover artist? DD: Yes we can. As some of you may have noticed, we announced last week that David Finch had joined the DCU exclusively. We’ll be announcing more details about his projects in the coming months. But first, we’re excited to announce that he’ll be the regular cover artist on all the BRIGHTEST DAY books. I see this as a wonderful way to have David touch on all aspects of the DCU, and it gives fans the chance to see his interpretation of the entire DCU and its characters. AS: That’s great news. Now, I know I said I only had one questions. But I lied. Earlier you mentioned that we’d be announcing some new titles bearing the BRIGHTEST DAY banner –what’s the deal with those? DD: Well, since we’ve discussed so much today, I don’t want to reveal everything about the BRIGHTEST DAY books just yet. But readers should tune in for the rest of the week for more news on BRIGHTEST DAY and the DC Universe in 2010, right here on The Source. AS: Thanks, Dan. It’s been fun. And readers – you heard it here. Welcome to DCU IN 2010: BRIGHTEST DAY AND BEYOND. Swing by tomorrow and every day this week for some more BRIGHTEST DAY news. And for more from Geoff Johns on all things BRIGHTEST DAY, BLACKEST NIGHT and the next GREEN LANTERN arc – “NEW GUARDIANS,” visit IGN.com for an interview with the superstar writer.