We're backing up the truck and unloading a ton of good stuff this week, and cool pieces of art are aplenty. Case in point? The cover to JSA ALL STARS #4, by Freddie E. Williams II, who's really pulling out all the stops on the relatively new series. Take a look for yourself: jsaas-cv4-v2 Pretty cool, huh? That's about all the insight I can provide. What can I say? It's been a long week. Thankfully, we have Matthew Sturges, writer of JSA ALL STARS, on hand to give us his two cents. Take it away, Matt: "When I saw Freddie's cover for JSA All-Stars #4, I begged Alex to let us put it up early. For one thing, it's got Sand on it. Sand is one of my favorite JSAers, and he's been due for a resurgence for quite some time. Well, that resurgence begins in issue four. For another thing, unfortunately, it looks like someone else from the JSA's past is resurging behind him. That can't be good." See Matt? Wishes can come true.