If you’re a regular Source reader, you know that while we love talking the talk, we know when to step back and let a piece of art speak for itself. This is one of those instances. Not too long ago, we announced that Geoff Johns and artist Francis Manapul were taking the reins of the new FLASH ongoing series next year. We also showed a few in-progress pieces of the character, too. But we haven’t shown any final, colored, 100-percent Barry Allen Flash images. Until now, that is. flash_secretfiles_cover Behold, the cover to FLASH: SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS, hitting in March 2010, a nice little appetizer before the epic meal that will be the FLASH ongoing. We’ll have more details on the issue in due time, but let’s focus on what you see above – this wonderful cover. We roped in Manapul to give us his two cents on the piece, and working on the Scarlet Speedster. Take it away, Francis: “I'm excited to be starting the book. The entire creative team is looking forward to introducing new ways of portraying speed. It's also cool that we'll be introducing a new generation to Barry Allen as well as myself so I'll be right in they're shoes of getting to know this guy. It should be an exciting ride!” Francis was also kind enough to give us a look into his process. Check out these two in-progress images. photophoto21 For more on the upcoming FLASH series from writer Geoff Johns, click over to THE LA TIMES HERO COMPLEX blog, where Geoff Boucher sits down with a fellow Geoff to talk about the book.