all_star_superman_cover_1 As 2009 comes to a close, a number of outlets are showcasing not only what was great from this year, but the last decade. TIME's TECHLAND blog just announced their best of the decade list,which includes writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely's ALL STAR SUPERMAN among the luminaries. Ranked fourth on the list of 10, TECHLAND had this to say:

This 12 part series is officially must own for anyone that loves Big Blue. Written out of continuity with the rest of the DC Universe the series tells the story of Superman's last year alive and is very new-reader friendly. It has a Golden Age feel with some very modern sensibilities. Quitely's gorgeous art doesn't hurt either. These two creators finally present a rendition of both Superman and Clark Kent that is at once refreshing and nostalgic.
Agreed on all counts. Congrats to all the winners.