The headline says it all. Take it away, Dan: The results are in! The response to our call for Wonder Woman postcards was spectacular, and we got the message loud and clear. We asked for 600 and by the Oct 31st cut off, we had an overwhelming 712 postcards (nearly 800 by the time of this writing), so as a man of my word, starting in June 2010, DC’s Wonder Woman series will celebrate its 600th issue and continue on from there. And we promise that Diana’s anniversary issue will be one to remember! There are some big plans in place and big changes in store for our favorite amazon warrior, so keep an eye on The Source in the new year, because we will be breaking the news here first! To be continued…. DD -- But that's not all. We'll be announcing some major news in relation to Wonder Woman early in 2010, including the roster of all-star artists contributing to the 600th issue. Until then, though, we'll leave you with the issue's cover, by none other than George Perez, who's no stranger to the Amazon Princess. ww600var-cvr_fnl And stay tuned to The Source this week, as we continue to roll out our major plans for the coming year.