Here’s a behind-the-scenes bit of fun for all you Sourcers out there. As one of the most fun editorial tasks yet, I’ve spent the past two days running up and down the hall getting pictures of some of our editors. They all seem to be pretty scared of…something… Can’t be Halloween-related at this point, right? So what’s going on here? For instance, here’s Mike Carlin and Rachel Gluckstern, looking very unhappy about whatever’s going on over Mike’s desk: p6-7p7long-shot Maybe it’s the same thing that’s about to hit Harvey Richards in the head: p6-7p6harvey-face Janelle Siegel is doing a pretty good job keeping it at bay: p6-7p3janelle While Mike Marts isn’t so lucky – it’s coming right at him! p6-7p3marts Sean Ryan and Wil Moss are doing the smart thing and high-tailing it out of here: p6-7p2sean-and-wil Which – oh, man – gives it a clear shot at me. Look out, me! p6-7p2liz-face Welp, looks like it passed me by, considering I’m still here typing. And I think I know where it went – straight for Eddie Berganza and Adam Schlagman: p8p2guys That’s gonna be trouble. As soon as we can actually see what it is, that is…. Until next time – wish us luck!