The first ever HOUSE OF MYSTERY Halloween Annual with stories from some of our ongoing series including HELLBLAZER, MADAME XANADU, and I, ZOMBIE is on sale now. This special issue also includes some fun Halloween related questions answered by many of its amazing contributors. Here’s an exclusive sampling. Enjoy! What is the greatest horror movie? CHRIS ROBERSON, writer I, Zombie It’s not really “horror,” but it was a theatrical release, so it should count. Every Halloween I make it a point to watch Rankin & Bass’s Mad Monster Party. It’s not a perfect film, but it is an awesome one. Those terrific Jack Davis designs? The voice talents of Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller? The music and lyrics of Maury Laws and Jules Bass? What’s not to love?! AMY HADLEY, artist Madame Xanadu Return to Oz--does that count? It's one creepy movie, from weird, turn-of-the century psychiatric machines to a queen who literally switches decapitated heads to suit her mood! MICHAEL ALLRED, artist I, Zombie It would be a close call between Bride of Frankenstein and Dawn of the Dead. A memory of sneaking downstairs late at night and turning on the TV to find Bride of Frankenstein on would probably give it the edge though. MATTHEW STURGES, writer House of Mystery The Shining is the greatest horror movie ever made. With a few notable exceptions, it doesn't rely on shock value to scare you. It's a slow burn of dread that builds and builds such that when the violence finally erupts, it's almost cathartic. I can't watch it alone. LEE LOUGHRIDGE, colorist House of Mystery The Other Sister, Juliet Lewis creeps me out. STEFANO LANDINI, finishes, Hellblazer My absolute favorite horror film is Dawn of the Dead by the great Romero. It’s not only a film but a piece of cinematic history! SAL CIPRIANO, letterer, Hellblazer John Carpenter’s Halloween. A classic example of what you can do with well- placed shadows and menacing music. Carpenter did it without any major gore, a staple of slasher movies thereafter. DAVE McCAIG, colorist, Hellblazer The Exorcist, because it's the only movie that I find honestly scary instead of just being full of thrills. KEVIN NOWLAN, inker, High Spirits Frankenstein, with The Bride of Frankenstein a close second. Amazing art direction, cast and make-up. Both movies are creepy and inventive, but The Bride is also funny. SHELLY BOND, editor Trilogy of Terror is my all-time favorite horror movie. It explains why I'm completely useless in the kitchen. Have a very happy Halloween!