Sterling Gates is far from a newcomer to the DCU -- but he's certainly one that's on the rise. With his work -- alongside artist Jamal Igle -- redefining and stabilizing SUPERGIRL, Gates has made a name for himself for his tight plotting and knack for strong and precise characterization. All of which can be seen month-in and month-out in the pages of the Girl of Steel's ongoing series. Not-so-coincidentally, you can get a good sense of what we're talking about here by picking up the newly-released SUPERGIRL: WHO IS SUPERWOMAN? collection, which shows Gates and Igle slowly unraveling the mystery behind the new, villainous Superwoman. But why stop there? In addition to his work on SUPERGIRL, Gates has expanded his reach in Metropolis and Krypton, firstly by co-writing the recently-concluded "Hunt for Reactron" arc with writer Greg Rucka in the pages of SUPERGIRL and ACTION COMICS and now with WORLD'S FINEST, a mini-series slated to spotlight members of the Batman and Superman families of characters as they team-up to face off against common threats. The first issue kicks off with Gates and artist Julian Lopez bringing Red Robin and Christopher Kent/Nightwing together to help track down a missing Flamebird -- but as readers have come to expect from Gates, things are rarely that linear, so fans should be in for a treat. But don't take my word for it -- check out some pages from the first issue below.