BAB Cv28 ds J. Michael Straczynski wrote to remind me that this December is the 65th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. (I say “remind me” as if I’d been in it!) He’s not bringing it up so I can futz with its Wikipedia entry. It’s because with the current issue of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, he sends the Flash into the thick of it…to meet the Blackhawks, no less. We’ve done a few Flash stories but you’ve never read one like this! Barry Allen battles on the side of the Allied forces in World War II, in an adventure in which every incident is as unexpected as the premise! Talking of “allied forces,” that sure describes BRAVE & BOLD. In the book’s grand tradition, JMS is lining up some inventive and even offbeat alliances to feature every issue. Seen the Batman/Dial H for Hero adventure? Everybody’s still buzzing about that one! Snag one if your local store has any left! In the offing is a Batman/Brother Power the Geek team-up (Brother! Power! The! Geek!). Then, Doctor Fate and Green Lantern see whether or not magic can trump willpower. Jesus Saiz is drawing that one now even as I write this, and he’s having a blast doing it! He really knocked it out of the park on that “Dial H” issue, and he gets better every month! If you love these Silver Age characters, JMS will remind you why you do! If you never did, or you’ve never heard of them, these new stories will show you why people still talk about them…and why they endure! (Dude, the Geek abides!) Your pal, --Joey