A week ago, we unveiled the details about THE FIRST WAVE, writer Brian Azzarello and artist Rags Morales' gritty pulp romp, featuring Doc Savage, Batman, the Spirit and more. But did you think we'd stop there? As we noted, superstar artist J.G. Jones will be handling variant covers for the mini-series, and we snagged an in-progress look at the cover to THE FIRST WAVE #1. We even pulled the very busy Jones away from his desk for a second to give us his thoughts on the story spinning out of November's BATMAN/DOC SAVAGE SPECIAL. Take it away, J.G.: "I'm just happy to be aboard the First Wave bus along with the serious talents doing the heavy lifting. I love the world that Brian has inhabited with these iconic pulp characters, and the artwork by Rags is spot on perfect. Catch the wave; it should be a wild ride!" Well said. And now, the cover... fwprogress