first-wave-110 Thanks for staying up late with The Source tonight, gang. We’ve got a bunch of interesting news spinning out of the Baltimore Retailer Summit, so sit back and enjoy. Did you think the BATMAN/DOC SAVAGE SPECIAL was all we had in the works for the good Doctor and company? Of course not. In fact, we’ve got a ton of stuff to roll out. blkt-102600 First up (you’ll get the joke in a second), we have THE FIRST WAVE mini-series, which hits early next year from writer Brian Azzarello and artist Rags Morales, with variant covers from superstar artist J.G. Jones. The series sets the stage for the new world that houses not only Doc Savage, but the Spirit, Batman, Black Canary, the Avenger and a host of other heroes with a gritty, modern noir backdrop that Azzarello does best. blkt-103600 We’ve got some lovely Morales art here for you, too. In case you’re not convinced. But that’s not all. blkt-104600 Later on in 2010, we’ll have two, new ongoing series – DOC SAVAGE and THE SPIRIT, tied directly to the new status quo created in the BATMAN/DOC SAVAGE special and FIRST WAVE mini-series. But why let all the cats out of the bag at once? So, sit back, enjoy the art and stay tuned here to The Source for more details. blkt-105600